For April 4

Present an app map and a wireframe for your chosen final project.

If you’d like any additional feedback on your concept, feel free to write me.

Your app map is important. Please plan on showing it completely during your presentation. Every screen in the app  and all connections between all the screen should be represented.

Keep your wireframes lo-fi. Don’t add any design at this point, but concentrate just on interaction. Feel free and use omnigraffle or even hand sketches.

For Next Week, Mar 20

Working in the group of two or three that we found established last week pitch two or three concepts for your second, and final project. In your pitch, describe who you’re making this app for and what you’re going to do for them.

The topic of this app can be anything you want, and you can make this app for the phone or a tablet. Just define those things upfront.

For March 6

  • Unless you have a compelling reason not to, change your blog username to your first name or even better your full name (feel free and use whatever you’re going by in class not your legal name). Do this by looking at your user profile, adding a nickname, and then selecting that nickname under ‘display name publicly as.’
  • Keep posting #thursdayplays/#thursdayapps – remember you need to post at least one on the blog before spring break
  • Go ahead and apply a design to your app. Post this to the blog to present next week.
  • Your visual design should be a next step of your interactive thinking and should incorporate your findings while prototyping. Along with your design, post 3-5 things your learned while prototyping.

For Feb 27

  • Prepare a paper prototype or digital prototype using POP- 
  • Post your paper prototype or post a link to your POP prototype to the blog
  • Prepare one or more tasks for test users to carry out with your prototype
  • Read these Neilsen articles on prototyping: and

For Thursday, Feb 19

I’ve responded to everyone’s first wireframes posts on the blog. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

For Thursday, Feb 19:

  • Post an iteration of your wireframe incorporating my written feedback. Focus on simplicity and clarity.
  • Check out what we would have talked about last week on accessibility and feel free to include some accessibility features in your iteration- Accessibility
  • Keep posting up your thursday plays/apps!

For Thursday Feb 6

  • Read the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and/or the Android Design Guidelines.
  • Post at least three things from the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and/or the Android Design Guidelines that surprised you, confused you, or enlightened you.
  • In a separate blog post, have one member of your team post your group’s App Scramble designs. Be prepared to present your designs for around 5 minutes.
  • Start posting mobile apps and games #thursdayplays. Remember you’ll need to post one before spring break and one after.
  • Start thinking about Project 1 ideas, and feel free to post your concepts now for feedback.