Week01 _jaeky Cheong


About Me

Hi! my name is Jaeky. I have 3D animation and special effects background. I have no experience with UI/UX design so I want to learn professional skills from class.

Three things I don’t know about HIG

  1. Layout Margin: I didn’t know there is hidden margin and I have to think about rounded corners.
  2. Provide a full-screen experience. I didn’t know the details about how to make a full-screen.
  3. Bars.  I learned that all the action bars have to be ‘verb’ when it’s a word

App Map


One thought on “Week01 _jaeky Cheong”

  1. The concept of a pet specific cooking app is great, and it gives a really great user to bounce ideas off of. When would a user use this app? How often? How can you make something most useful for them?

    In relation to that as we talked about in class, would users really come back to the app daily? Then probably a “today recommended” doesn’t make sense. Also, try and infuse other content (e.g. tips) into this initial featured view.

    In 1.1 Recipes, show everything up front and let people filter to get what they want. The same with favorites.

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