FreeBox 2.0| Wireframes Part – II


Last week, we submitted a new iteration of FreeBox after receiving the below feedback:

  • Inbox and notifications is still a problem for people.  Users were confused why it was under the “Me” tab.
  • The drop-down menu on the “post message” page to set tags is confusing. Rather then be visible when adding them
  • Want more in-between screens to help show how to set notifications etc.
  • Alerts would be a better name than notifications

You can  read the our previous post on regarding this iterative process with our wireframes here.

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Free Box 2.0 | The Return

Introducing FreeBox 2.0

Posting this a little late (had trouble with Mobile Media blog), so have been hosting on my own blog.


Here are our wireframes & background explanation for Freebox 2.0. We will post our redesigns shortly for the next step, still collating some more user testing before summing up last rounds changes.

As always, you can also see the full post on Dana Marten’s blog.

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Spice It Up | (Most) Final Prototype & Presentation

So we come at last to the end of our first project for Mobile Media, our food-app for either iOS or Android.

It’s funny, but my biggest reflection doing this – besides always do more user testing (which I learned hard last semester) – was actually on iOS UI elements and navigation.

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ff00dd – Food By Colors iOS App

Here’s the wireframe with what I think are the core elements of the app. Logging in the data is one thing and then being able to view it over time and by color could be very interesting.