Food App Topics (Amira AP)

1. ) Ingredients Locator

When first moving to a new city or even trying a new dish it can be difficult knowing where to go to find unfamiliar ingredients. When my family moved from Bangkok to Atlanta locations of stores with asian goods were neither common or advertised. So  one had to learn from word of mouth the locations of good stores to go to.My family and I would take an entire days traveling to multiple stores all over the area looking for specific ingredients. I found that I experienced something similar when moving to NYC. Although a lot of places are listed on the internet many are not and in order to find ingredients for Indian,Thai,Malay, etc the best source of info has still been asking around and getting “lost”. ( Some of the best finds are looking in a general neighborhood and stumbling across a tiny discreet shop).With this app one can search for locations of specific ingredients and addresses will shown via GPS. A stock selection of locations would be on the app and users would have access to the finds of others who utilize the app through crowd sourcing.

2.) Food as Remedies/Med

There exists an abundance of foods that can aid in boosting your body’s natural defenses.This app would be a companion for the naturalist and act as a reference guide to treating minor aliments at its source, battling health concerns from allergies to fatigue and headaches,blood pressure to arthritis…

3.)Butcher’s  Apprentice (or Fishmongers Apprentice)

When buying ingredients for recipes I find that its a pain to look up basic info on identifying,choosing,and knowing was best to use for preparing when it comes to meats and seafood. This app would provide knowledge on how to choose meat and or fish,understanding how cut/prepare it,and giving tips on what is best used for. Also, I always feel nervous about basic equipment upkeep and this app would also give info on how to sharpen your tools.

4.) Don’t Mix It

With the increased  prescription and use of medicines many are no aware of the potential problems could result from combining specific foods and drugs. Other combinations can enhance or decrease the effects of drugs. This would be a simple application to ensure that the user is properly informed and creating bad pairings of food and medicines.

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