[User testing] Fridge.app

Testing the “uberfilter” presented complex challenges of prototyping using pre-made prototyping tools, which eventually force me to “remote” prototype using Skala preview and send the right  images that corresponds to the user actions. // that is the same reason why i have so many images of the app.

The test was applied to 5 testers based on the following premise: “You want to cook something with cheese”, the following conclusions were made after observing the interactions.

  1. The “uberfilter” needs to be bigger and more prominent in the interface // maybe a more engaging color 
  2. While the “uberfilter” apparently works very well as a filter device, is not as strong as a navigation between the 2 main sections of the app. // going back to tabs
  3. Is necessary to add thumbnails of the recipes on the list view 
  4. The search function is poorly implemented as part of the “uberfilter”, it should be permanent and context aware.
  5. A more clear form of labeling sections needs to be developed.



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