Food app idea.

I have 2 ideas.
1. Idea of thai food shopping app for NewYorkers. Based on personal problem my friends sometime don’t know where to buy the ingredients and material. My app will generate ingredients and materials depending on what Thai dish do you want to cook. Then it shows a shopping list that you can carry on your phone to buy materials around your grocery¬†store around your area.

2. I have an idea based on my personal problem that I’ve eaten mushroom that didn’t cook very well. Then, I got a bad stomachache and puke a lot. Another inspiration is from in to the wild movie that the actor, Alex accidentally ate poisoned plant then he died. With these experiences, I found an inspiration from youtube video ” Savage in the wild.”

I would like to create an app that shows area of  free herb, plants to eat or to cook as a healthy food. This app also educates New Yorkers to know the different between each edible plants.

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