[#thursdayplays] game – vanitas


screen screen568x568

This is an old app. I found it when I was finding presidents for my thesis. But I think this app is really interesting. Cuz it has a simple format with a really deep concept. it’s in the entertainment category. however, I think the idea of this app is more about philosophy.

In the arts, vanitas is a type of symbolic work of art especially associated with still life painting in Flanders and the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th centuries. This can be also told from the style of this app. So for the UI part, the concept, name and style match.

For the function part, the only thing people need to do is to tap the box. So every time users open the box, there will be three randomly stuffs appear. Also with the time left, some objects will change the forms depending on their physical forms. Once users get the same object, one star will light up on the cover of the box. The philosophical idea behind this gesture is that: To lift you up when you’re feeling down. And drag you down when you’re up too high. It’s A memento mori for your digital hands.

For me, the attractive part is the simpleness of the function and the philosophy idea behind. Like what that famous sentence said: “People can not step twice into the same river.” every time people use this app, they will get something new. However they are loosing what they had before. I have never seen any of the apps achieve or provides this kind of ideas before. That’s the reason I like it.


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