Tao Wei – Food app – app map(2) + wireframe(2)

Iteration statement

I went on to do some quick informal interviews to further define my app. I found out that people who meticulously count calorie for their diet also tend to work out more, which sets my app up for a dilemma. I either had to scale up to incorporate the fitness component or scale down to throw out the hassle of calorie counting and diary logging to streamline existing convoluting relationship between diary, orders and recipes. I ended up going for a lightweight approach and focusing on saving the trouble of grocery shopping and food preparation for those who want to eat healthy in general but do not have time to do so on their own. As this broader audience are less likely to be fussy about calorie counting as long as the food itself fits into the healthy category. This way I ensure the app excels at doing on thing for the target audience. The caveat is that I still want to maintain the one-stop nutrition concept as much as possible so I keep the idea of providing whole day’s nutrition.

App map

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