#Thursdayapp | Alto’s Adventure | Brandon Palmer

Alto’s Adventure: IOS Game, Android, & Kindle

After hearing many positive reviews about Alto’s Adventure I ended up buying it. The plot takes place on top of a mountain, where you as the player glides down the mountain on a snowboard to rescue runaway llama. Personally I found this game beautiful in all aspects. Not just the interface but the precedents that Alto’s Adventure used as references. Such as Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, Monument Valley, and Journey. The core mechanics of Alto’s Adventure 2d Platformer ┬áconsists of collecting points that your obtain by landing tricks and retrieving coins as you make your way down the endless slope.
Overall I had a great experience and appreciation for playing this game because the color pallet, functionality and setting creates a relaxing experience for the user. I highly recommend this game.


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