Brandon Palmer | TVOS FINAL | Things I learned from critique feedback

Concept: Superb TVOS is an alternative meal preparation app in addition to the IOS variation. Superb TVOS focuses on video content and meal browsing as its own identity. After presenting my final iterations, I have gained various feedback. First off, Superb TVOS doesn’t allow users to purchase meals. Instead it allows users to view existing meals and favorite them. Which directly sends data to the ISO version, allowing users to purchase from the ISO cart. The TVOS version also allows the user to sign up for a membership service in order to receive video content.

Error: TVOS should only focus on video content and membership services instead of mixing favoriting. This conclusively simplifies functionality while making the experience separate from the ISO version.

Error: Filtering video content and favoriting specific videos would be beneficial for users to further interact with the apps functionality. It makes sense for individuals to have complete control over their membership services.

Error: The content on the top portion of the meal screen should direct the users to view all of the video content. Instead the meal screen focuses on both favoriting meals and videos. And there is no way to view all of the meal options, which is a problem. Further implementations would be to remove meal viewing, and focus primarily on video content.

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