Brandon Palmer | Three Things Learned | 2nd Iteration | Weather App

Three things I learned from our second Iteration of our weather/calendar app is that the swipe functionality doesn’t work.

Swiping Error:
When we swipe down our initial intention was to display our calendar and weather view. The issue with this is the top bar. It displays the date without transitioning from the main view.

The Solution would consist of developing an animated bar to appear, or to readjust our nav.

Temperature or Time? Error
Our main view consisted of a transitional bar that allows the user to scale between day and night. Indicating the weather on a timely basis. The problem that the user becomes confused with the colors. The specific colors we chose were blue and orange, they need to be changed.

The Navigation
The third error we stubbled upon was the navigation. Our main Tab Bar would take the user to an identical view as if they were scrolling down to our weather/calendar.

Remove the Tab Bar, or change the view. This was a repetitive problem that was addressed above, yet it is an ongoing problem that creates dysfunctionality multiple sections.


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