Ritika: first assignment- 3 food based app ideas

Since I had missed the first two weeks of class, I am posting my ideas here today. (sorry for the delay)

1/ CuisineArt: tackles how to eat

So you want to try out some Indian cuisine but don’t have somebody Indian to accompany you. You aren’t sure what to order and you don’t even want to look foolish. Cuisine Art will you look like a Indian! This app will suggest people what to eat based on their taste buds. And yet the best authentic dish possible. So say you want to try something that’s not so spicy yet authentic so you just tell the app that and you have a list of dishes in front of you. The app will also suggest what drink to pair that dish with along with a dessert or an appetizer. Still worried about How to eat that stuff? Cuisine art will show you a demo video. Now you’re a pro at eating Indian food.


2/ FoodParty: common food interests

Usually when you talk to a new friend or a new date one of the questions that pop up in the first few conversations is, “So what kind of food do you like?” hoping to get along or at least have a couple of more interesting conversations based on common food interests. FoodParty has groups where people meet based on common food interests. It gives users the ability to chat and get along over a couple of food conversations. Once the users have spoken to each other they can create food events, potlucks, food parties, or even go on dates etc. A new way to socialize and make new friends!


3/ FoodAlarm:

For people for whom food is not a priority in their lives. For people who are so busy with work or school they completely forget they were supposed to eat two hours back and find themselves starving but stuck in the middle of work and have to make do with a cup of coffee or an apple lying in their bag. So guess what the app FoodAlarm does? That’s right, it reminds you to eat your food on time. Like a nagging mother or a nagging wife it is after your life to eat your food and to eat it on time. 

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