Week 1

3 things I didn’t know from the HIG

System capability – Multitasking (Slide Over, Split View, Picture in Picture) It lets people to quickly switch from one app to another at any time through a multitasking interface.

Layout Guides and Safe Area: Guide to leaving some margin space.
Every time I create a mobile digital prototype, it was not 100% fit to screen, sometimes it was oversized or looked ugly. Also, a great thing to know about was, how to deal with a screen when people play a game vertically.

Drag and Drop function in new iOS: With a single finger, a user can move or duplicate selected photos, text, or other content by dragging the content from one location to another, then raising a finger to drop it. Never know about this function.

About me

Hello, I am Haemin Kwon. I am an interaction designer from Korea. I am interested in User experience design (UX research, sketches, wireframes, prototypes) and UI design.


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