Yong Lee: Food App Ideas

App for recipes with close friends and family

I like cooking, but it is always challenge to try new recipes. My mom and some of my close friends have great recipes that I always ask. I easily forget the recipes I got from my close family and friends. I wish there is an app that where some of close people can share their recipes privately. There are a lot recipes I can find out online, but those recipes are generic and missing special ingredients. This app can help to archive some of recipes from grandmothers’ and share among close friends and family.

App for fresh ingredients and recommended cooking

There are always fresh and cheaper ingredients in a certain time of the year. I have learned that getting fresh ingredients is a big part of good cooking process. I haven’t seen any app that show what ingredients are fresh and cheaper at a certain time of the year. Also, based on those fresh ingredients, it would be great to show users recommended recipes that helps users to have diverse freshly cooked recipes.


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