One thought on “App Map + Initial Wireframes”

  1. You’ve got a solid start here. Your app map and numbering were very helpful and made it where I could orient myself. Looking forward to seeing you work out a few more details in wireframe form before moving to design.

    Here’s some thoughts:
    – 0.0 Intro doesn’t need a big logo – your user has just tapped on a big logo (the app icon). Get them into functionality immediately.
    – I know we talked about this briefly, but how is the scanning going to work?
    – I’m not sure why people who have already elected to download your app need an info graphic telling them why they should be using the app (2.0 Learn Why). You’ve likely already got them convinced if they’re using the app. Perhaps some of that info can be included on 0.0 if you take out the logo. Perhaps it could just be lines of info that alternatively appear on the view. Or depending on the content, perhaps it could all just be there on 0.0. It would definitely be worth itemizing the content that you were imagining including in the infographic so that you see where those things may fit.
    – Likewise, I don’t think links (2.1) have a place in the app. People want to use your app for it’s awesome apple scanning and info, not for a few links that take you into a web view.
    – The results page seems like a generally good breakdown of everything that you’d want to include on one of those pages. For the next step, it’d be useful to get sample data for just one apple to see how it would fit and what that content would actually look like. There’s also currently no way to leave this page, so a back button would be good to include. For the title, it might be more meaningful to tell me the name of the item that I’ve scanned and that has been identified versus just saying “your results.” I’m a little meh on sharing features unless it’s adding a lot of value. What would you imagine sharing?
    – 1.1 would need a save button for things to appear in 3.0 saved items. I think your inclination to have saved items is correct, but I’m just wondering what the use case for those would be and if you’ve fully thought it through. That could help us know exactly what info to include in this list view. I’d also suggest getting some sample real content for this section as well. Wireframes are a great place to start exploring copy versus later when design will often influence the amount of text that you can include.

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