One thought on “[Joo-Hee Yun] App Map & Wireframe”

  1. This is a good start. You’ve got a bunch of ideas, and now it’d time to do some pruning. Make the app the most streamlined it can be while still being useful for your audience. What do dog owners who are looking for food recommendations want most? Serve that need first and then add complexity only when that core need is being met.

    Here’s some specific view by view thoughts:
    – On first glance, your app map seems pretty dense, but on closer inspection, it did seem generally fully thought through. That said, I think we can simplify a bit and hopefully get the map to point where it’s less overwhelming at first glance.

    – t.0- I don’t think you need the reminders. Stick to your core dog food concept, and get to that content right away. Could it be useful to show popular dog foods? Or things you’ve searched for recently? How can you get to content that’s useful immediately? Likewise, what types of tips are you imagining? Let’s make sure that the content is on theme and that the first view is useful.

    – cX.0- Are you imagining a ‘hamburger bun’ menu that slides over? These can be useful, but folks have been moving away from them more recently. It doesn’t seem like ‘my page’ or ‘review’ necessarily belong in this section. I assumed that by category list, you meant hierarchical ways that I can browse through dog foods. Perhaps those buttons can live on the full first view. You’ll want to do some more thinking through of the main ways that you move around the app.

    – cD.1 brand list- This is a ton of content for one page, and super tightly packed. If you wanted a person to be able to tap on any of the brands, they would have a pretty hard time. Perhaps just one brand per line is adequate.

    – cB.1 dog categories- the slide navigation might work, but I think you’re going to want to put real content in there and see if that is making the page feel too dense. It’s no problem to navigate away as long as people have a back button to get quickly back.

    – cFBD.0 product info/ rating and reviews- can I get back to where I came from whether it was through browsing or searching? Are the category list and search supposed to be on this page? You should break out the ‘detailed info, rating, and reviews’ in more specificity.

    cFBD.1 purchase product- actually purchasing the products seems like a feature that we could cut. It adds complexity that is likely not worth it.

    cM.1 edit profile- are you imagining that all reviews and content would come from a community or that some would be from experts? The social features of the app are going to add quite a bit of complexity, so you might consider letting all the content come from experts and just exploring the different ways of accessing useful content. If you want to keep the social components, how does the app work if you haven’t signed in. You should probably be able to browse and then just be encouraged to sign up. The profile page has lots of detail in it. You’ll want to think through the ‘I haves’ in more detail and consider simplifying. How can you get useful information about the dog and then in other points in the app suggest appropriate content for the dog that you already know so much about. The neighboring system is interesting, but adds an even bigger level of complexity. I’d recommend at very least cutting that feature.

    Also, would it be useful to let you scan the product barcode if you were at a store?

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