Cookgram: Wireframe & first UI

Concept Statement: Cookgram is an interactive recipe app where users can post their recipes as well-designed recipe album. All they need to do is take a picture every step, and then add texts after. It will be a place to explore, collect, make your own, and share recipes.

Based on some user feedbacks from Wireframe presentation and paper prototype, I have updated some of the ux flow in this version.

User Insights (from Wireframe & paper prototype):

  1. Category view:the design looks like users can type in not choose from lists
  2. Add Text View:  Better to have an overall instruction in mind for user after taking the picture. Now the view is not clear about what’s the next step. 
  3. Can corporte with iPhone 6S live photo function
  4. Can be a community for people to like, share, upload recipes.

Presentation Slides:


User Insights (from this presentation):

  1. Text size is small, hard to see. Need to prototype on the phone
  2.  The aim of category? “Cooking steps” is confusing in “category”, after taking pictures and add text, is repetitive with the “cooking steps”. Cooking steps better be called “instructions” (The camera – text – post part ux need to be simplify and cleared)

One thought on “Cookgram: Wireframe & first UI”

  1. In the future, I’d suggest numbering your individual views like you do on your app map. That way it’s easy to easily identify where a view is in the overall app.

    The idea of a ‘homepage’ doesn’t really exist in apps. Certainly there is usually a ‘main view’, but it’s better to give a more descriptive name for what is actually happening on that view versus calling it ‘home.’

    I belive we spoke about this in class, but I’m not sure which of the views that you’re showing is actually 1.0 Homepage. I think that you just have a the ‘main page’ which is 2.0 Popular Posts in your app map. Search should also be under Popular Posts, as you can only access that through that view.

    We spoke in class about how it’d be good for you to push beyond just the idea of instagram for food. Can you get more specific about how your users would use your app? Would they follow friends or strangers? Are those strangers professional or home cooks? Is this really the best way to show recipe content that people are sharing? Could you show a series of photos or a chosen cover photo for the recipe?

    If a person is using this a resource for finding recipes, how do they get what they want out of it. Can they filter the content? Can they follow particular posters? Can they save recipes to make? Is just showing popular recipes the best way to feature and surface relevant content? How can you make sure that every time a user returns to the app they see new and even better content.

    You’ll need a recipe detail page to show what a viewer and not a poster sees when they look at a recipe. Use a real recipe that you find to lay out what content will be necessary there. That will also influence what you need for posters.

    The search/filter view is also not fleshed out, and it’d be worthwhile to think through what you’re going to do there.

    The camera icon isn’t exactly accurate to what you’re doing there. It’s about create a new recipe, not just taking photos, so consider how to best represent that.

    How do you arrange and deal with your photos for your steps after you take the photos. What if you take one you don’t want any more? When adding text, how to you go from photo to photo? Can you import photos from other sources?

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