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Here is a quick write-up of my progress after two weeks working on our iOS or Android food app. You can see my concept, process, images and formal presentation on my own WordPress blog entry (trying to collate content) at the link below.

Project 1 | Spice it Up – An Overview

Please feel free to leave comments on this blog entry for our Mobile Media class to streamline feedback. You are also welcome to leave comments on my own blog if you prefer. I will receive it either way! 😀

One thought on “Project 1 Write-Up | Spice It Up food App”

  1. Some very nice work here, especially incorporating what you’ve already learned through user testing.

    It does seem right to personalize the app on first start up since your tailing to the user’s spice preference so heavily.

    It’d be great to call “Home” something more descriptive, such as “Dishes” or “Recommendations”.

    Do you really need an account for custom recommendations? You could certainly give recommendations based on what people are rating and viewing without an account. But perhaps the sense of community that you’ll develop is worth requiring a full account for that kind of participation. Just make sure it’s a full choice and not a default to include accounts.

    When I tap + to add a record a new dish, how do you help me identify if others have rated this same dish and/or restaurant before?

    You might want to consider showing the search results in the same format as your Home featured listings, then instead of navigating back, you’ll be just clearing the search’s impact on that view.

    Could the ‘self rating’ versus ‘our rating’ could be frustrating if the ‘our rating’ makes them less spicy loving than they think? Perhaps that’s not made transparent to the user. That’d be something worth testing.

    On 2.1 Detail, can I see the 1 hour/1 day afterwards averages? Is there also restaurant info on that page such as the address, a link to a map, their phone number, their whole menu (maybe with all the spicy dishes that folks have rated called out)?

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