Week 1–Yao Huang


Hello! My name is Yao Huang. I’m come from China and graduated from Rutgers University in New Jersey.¬† My background is Human Resources & Visual Arts. And now I’m the first year student in MFADT.

Three things I don’t know from¬†Apple HIG:

  1. Auto-layout
  2. Layout Guides and Safe Area
  3. Bolder Navigation

Here is my App Map:

Here is my WireFrame:


One thought on “Week 1–Yao Huang”

  1. It’d be very helpful if you numbered your views in your detailed wireframes as they are numbered on your app map.

    Some of your wires show what tab you’re on and then many do not. If you have a tab bar, you should always be on a tab, and even on your wires, you should indicate which tab you’re on.

    There also seem like many things that were copy/pasted into another view that don’t belong there (for example the series indicator in the first few views), so it’s hard to follow along as a user.

    There are many things that are too small for a phone screen. Always test your designs on your phone and these will become very clear very quickly.

    I’m also very confused about where all the back and close buttons will take you to when you tap them. You’ll need to think that through as you build a digital prototype to be able map all the connections.

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