WK2_Yin Hu

Insights from paper prototyping

The whole app:
Too many functions are mixed, which causes this app complicated.
1. Give the “Home” tab a name which is related to the content of the tab rather than using “Home”.
2. “Adding to cart” function seems to have the logical problem.
Food Regulation:
The name of “Food regulation” seems to confuse the user, which means that the user won’t think the food shown in this tab is the food the user has at home.
Health Record:
1. How would you get the health data? Could it link to Health app to get part of the data?
2. The layout of this tab is confusing.

App Map 2.0

Wireframe 2.0

2 thoughts on “WK2_Yin Hu”

  1. The health status portion seems like the core of the app, so it seems like a problem to bury under the “Me” section. You can certainly list dishes to order as you are on the “dishes” tab, but your entry or the lack of a health status should be called out first thing on that tab as well.

    It’d also be interesting to think of a push notification strategy since you know how long a person should be following the course. How do you encourage the person to come back to the app and take care of themselves in a healthful way?

    I’m wondering about the layout on the dishes tab, and if you should show more rows of items in the recommended and edible section, as they are much more encouraged and push not recommended down further.

    It seems like your tab bar has disappeared in some of your views, like the dish detail view. I’d expect the tab bar to still be there at that point and really throughout the app.

    1. Well, as for the problem of missing tab bar in some of my views, such as the dish detail view. I was confused when I saw this comment. Since in China, in the mainstream mobile application, tab bars don’t exist in views of the second levels. So I didn’t put tab bars in all the views of the second level. But I checked some popular application in the US, such as the facebook. I found that tab bars exist in almost all the views. So I think there is a difference in the UI/UX design tradition in the US and China.

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