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About me



Hi! My name is Rudiampai Kuonsongtham, or you can call me Jean. I’m from Bangkok, Thailand. I’m a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on architectural and visual design. I’m currently interested in interactive and branding design. I am an enthusiastic person who is eager to learn new thing everyday!


3 Things I didn’t know about Apple HIG

1. Safe area Layout guide

I didn’t know that there is a safe area layout guide. Before this, I just design according to the whole size of the iPhone frame.

2. Color perception

When choosing the color for my app, I never consider about the culture or beliefs of people in other countries. I never thought that is it appropriate to use or not, I just concerned about its aesthetic. It is important for the app to be accepted and universally use by everyone.

3. Onboarding

A launch screen is important to be considered for the app, because it shows that your app is fast and responsive. It also allows time for initial content to load.


Food App :

The concept of my food app is “Healthy in a hurry!”. It creates for busy people who wants to be healthy. The app will make people’s life easier, especially the one who lived in the big city. The features of the app include a quick and healthy recipe, help you find a healthy restaurant nearby and help you organize your healthy shopping list!


App map


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