Week 7 Apple TV_Jean

What I’ve learned from tvOS human interface guidelines

1. Apple TV is designed for entertainment, not data entry

Because most people interact with Apple TV by using the remote control, so it is hard for them to input a big amount of data, try to minimize the information that the users have to input in the app. If the app required lots of information from the users, tell them to visit a website from another device.

2. The interaction of Apple TV is based on a focus model 

By pressing buttons and using gestures on the remote, people move focus from element to element, stop on a specific one, and click to access content or initiate action. As focus changes, subtle animations and the parallax effect produce a feeling of depth that clearly identifies the item that’s currently in focus.

Make the focused item obvious

Because people select and manipulate elements onscreen from afar, it’s crucial to make sure they always know which item is in focus.

3. Apple TV typography

Knowing the font size of Apple TV is important because people are using it at a distance.

San Francisco is the system font on Apple TV and this is the font size chart

tvOS App Map

tvOS Wireframe