One thought on “Nu-Trainer”

  1. You concept is quite huge, which I’m sure you discover as you thought out all your views. I’d highly recommend simplifying and eliminating features. Maybe make it about training or food and then add the other if you get the first down completely.

    At first I didn’t realize you had numbered your wireframe screens, but once I did, that made them a bit easier to navigate.

    The connections in your app map are a bit circular. Usually if it’s hard to understand where things connect to at the app map level, it gets even harder to understand at the wireframe level. On both, it’s unclear to me what the main screen is of the app. If I have an account and I’m signed in, what screen do I see what I open the app?

    And what information would be useful for a screen. Since we’re on your phone, we know the day of the week, the time of day, and how the person has been doing. What information would be most useful right now?

    Why are current stats and goals on different pages? What is that data being used for?

    From page 5, what happens if I tap ‘ Ask my trainer’? Is that necessary? Also are the rewards necessary? People are perhaps motivated by their health alone, or if you want to motivate, then you need to build a full system for that.

    I’m totally confused by the whole recipes and ordering thing. Why/how am I making that choice? If I order how do I get the food? You don’t have any pages for looking at a recipe detail or restaurant options, etc. I’d really suggest simplifying or removing much of this.

    Basically, it seems like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, so be willing to give some things up to help yourself do a few things well.

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