One thought on “Decho’s app map & wireframe”

  1. I think your concept here is solid, and I’m open to going with some technological jumps, but we may need to temper a few of your ideas to be slightly closer to technical possibilities. Your intro was very helpful, thanks for including that to orient me.

    I’m not sure how you could possibly catalog all the plants in central park. While you could have some people helping, you’d need an army of elves to constantly be looking. Though perhaps you’re more familiar with foraging than me, so let’s talk about this on Thursday. I’d imagine that some plans are often in the same area but others pop up in new places all the time. Plus, if people are foraging, then things will disappear from where you think they would be. All that to say, I’m not sure how the map showing you where things are would work.

    Also, does it really matter if I’m in a park even if we do keep location finding? Just show that there are no results near me, and I’ll figure it out. What if I want to look for what might be available in the park that I’m going to in a few hours?

    The plant snapping is interesting, but I have no idea how it would work. I guess if you mechanical-turked it and had another army of elves identifying for you, but it wouldn’t be instant, so I don’t know if that would accomplish what you want.

    Maybe you should be showing plants that are edible/poisonous that are growing at this time of year in a particular park and giving people tools to identify for themselves if it is that thing.

    For a plant info page, I’d suggest getting one plant’s worth of real content and starting to plug that in to see how things fit.

    How would the ‘my plants’ section work? When would things get registered there?

    You have some good interaction thinking, but you need to return to your initial idea and the practicalities of technology a bit. Keep on, I’m sure you’ll figure out some interesting ideas.

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