One thought on “Food app wireframe”

  1. You’re off to a pretty good start. You’ll need to really dive into the mind of the intense jamba juice buyer who would have this app.

    To be forced to sign in/create an account as soon as you open an app for the first time is often a deterrent to people. It seems that you could be made to sign in in the card section and anywhere you are about to buy something.

    The drinks tab doesn’t seem to appear on your app map, and so when I was looking at you map, I wondered what the main view of you app was. It seems like a wasted opportunity to just have text on the main, first page of the app. Is there some way to incorporate some of the items you list there as images to get me interested in buying something. I can’t see myself tapping on promotions, but if I saw a delicious smoothie and saw it was 30% off, I may be interested in it.

    I’m not that familiar with the jamba juice menu, but you’ll want to make sure to include everything that you can order there in the design your own. Also, should it be step by step or should there be a way to search/browse for items?

    You’re also missing some screens showing me going from building to actually have the qr code for pickup, so I’m not sure of all the steps there.

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