Tao Wei – 3 things learned from iOS HIG

3 things I learned from iOS HIG:

  1. Before perusing the HIG, I did not know much about the specs regarding typography except that San Francisco is the default system font. There is so much more to it than just the font choice. There is variation regarding the display and tracking specs depending on the font size as well. As a iOS user, details like this often go unnoticed because we get so used to the design and take the experience for granted. However, as a designer, it is critical to pay attention to details so that we can craft the experience that lives up to the user’s underlying expectations, since good design is often invisible. When the design principle is not strictly enforced, even the smallest detail can be raise a red flag to the user’s eyes.
  2. I find interaction design about feedback is so critical in delivering a smooth user experience. I used to think a stand-alone page of dialogue telling the users what to do is sufficient for communicating with and guiding the users to navigate. Little did I know that there was a whole art of communicating using feedback in a way that enhances the discoverability of the app while not obstructing the flow. As a designer, we are in charge of how the user will be interacting with the system. Much like any communication system, a designer should pay attention to the semiotics of the system because the language of the system determines how easy and delightful it is for the user to quickly pick up and adapt to the app.
  3. Animation breaths life into the experience, evoking delight and building a visual sense of connection with the users. But animation should be used with caution. Excessive animation can create visual clutter and distraction, taking away from the integrity of the app in terms of the services it provides.

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