Week 2 Haemin

User Insights from the first user test



Sign for the last page of a recipe.
Users were confused about the last page of the recipe because on the step3 page; there was no clue to figure out the page is the final step. Also, users wanted to go back to the main page where they chose a recipe for the first time from the last step of a recipe. But they had to take two steps to go back; which was tapping on a menu and then home button.



Timer function.
Nobody recognized the timer icon. Users said icon does not look like clickable. The timer is needed when people boil while cooking, but once they click the timer, it should be minimized, so it does not cover recipe photos. Users no need to set the time themselves because based on the recipe, a timer can set it automatically for them.


Basically, there is a menu bar on the left to navigate, but has two buttons, which are ‘home’ and ‘my cookbook.’ Users said there is too much blank for the menu navigation, so they suggested me to put those two buttons underneath of the whole interface. Another navigation bar is choosing a recipe based on time. There are three options 5, 10, and 20 minutes. Users said split into three times seemed restricted. Many recipes cannot fit into those three options and suggested me to think about how to make this filter flexible.


Based on the feedback, I iterated the prototype.

Below are the second user flow and wireframe.

<First user flow>

<Second user flow>

<Second wireframe>

One thought on “Week 2 Haemin”

  1. While your documentation of it is more like a “user flow”, I’d still call what you’ve create and what I wanted an “app map.” A flow is more concerned with decision points, but I’m really just interested in the views and their connections at that level.

    Your wires are posted at a pretty low quality, try and export them a slightly higher resolution in the future.

    Like we talked about in class, a decision that you’ll want to make is how many recipes you will be showing in your app. It will impact the interface and need for filtering. Do you need the 10/15/20/30/40 if there are only 5 recipes in each category?

    Also as we discussed, step back and think about what would help your users accomplish their larger goals? Do they want a source for recipes they can always turn to get a quick solution for something new? Or are they learning staples so that they can get cooking out of the way and not think about it during their days? Think of how each of these will change your content and interaction strategies.

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